Report a lost or stolen paycard immediately!
Contact Global Cash Card at (949) 751-0360 to report a lost or stolen paycard.  We will freeze your paycard to avoid any potential unauthorized paycard usage.

·        If you have an instant issue paycard, Global Cash Card will transfer funds to that paycard and order you a replacement card, OR

·        If you do not have an instant issue paycard, some companies will allow you to pick-up a new cardholder packet at their location and Global Cash Card will activate and transfer funds to that paycard.  We will then order you a replacement card, OR

·        Global Cash Card will send you a new replacement card.

Keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number) safe and secure.  PIN transactions are always authorized transactions.  Signature transactions are guaranteed by Visa and MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy.

Please call Global Cash Card Customer Service at (949) 751-0360 to answer any questions.

Thank you for choosing Global Cash Card!

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