Use your paycard anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted!
Use your paycard for merchant transactions, including retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, online purchases and many more.


Credit Transaction – This is a signature purchase that does not require your PIN (Personal Identification Number).  This is always a No Fee transaction and is the most efficient way to use your paycard.  This transaction is also guaranteed by Visa and MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy.


Debit Transaction – This is a PIN purchase which requires you to use your PIN.  Many merchants allow cash back during a debit transaction, for no additional cost (grocery stores, retail stores, post offices).  This purchase is best used when you want cash back.  *Check your paycard terms and conditions for any transaction fees.


No need to carry cash when using your Global Cash Card paycard!  It’s quick, easy and secure.


Please call Global Cash Card Customer Service with any questions at (949) 751-0360.

Thank you for choosing Global Cash Card!

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